Our CrossFit Beginners course is a week long course designed to prepare clients for the faster paced CrossFit classes. Because our CrossFit classes commonly incorporate Olympic lifting, basic gymnastics movements, kettlebells, medicine balls, and more, we want to make sure you know how to use everything safely and correctly!

During our CrossFit Beginners classes, we will learn the foundational movements of CrossFit, including:

  • Olympic lifts: power clean and snatch
  • Squats: air squat, front squat, back squat, overhead squat
  • Shoulder to overhead movements: strict press, push press, and jerk
  • Power lifts: deadlift, sumo-deadlift, medicine ball clean
  • Gymnastics movements: pull-ups, push-ups, sit-ups, handstands, burpees, ring dips, and more!
  • Other common CrossFit movements: thruster, wall ball, kettlebell swing, jump roping, rowing, etc.

ALL movements can be scaled to ANY fitness level – so even if you have no weightlifting experience, during our beginners course, you will learn how to scale each movement to your current ability.

– Words by Eliu

Class Details
Duration:60 mins
Class Type:Cardio
Class Size:20 persons
Class Instructor
Class Trainer
Paul Sanchez
Coach/Olympic Lifting Instructor
Paul Sanchez is a L-2 CrossFit Coach at Caution CrossFit who also has a Bachelor's Degree in Graphic...