Our kickboxing classes allow you to mix up your routine with flexibility and strength-building exercises. High-intensity drills will have you burning 300-600 calories while you get a full-body cardiovascular workout consisting of jabs, hooks, uppercuts and kicks. Kickboxing conditioning is the perfect total body workout, and the fastest way to get to that toned fighter physique you seek.

Whether you’re looking to increase strength, confidence, coordination, or just after a great cardio workout, kickboxing will keep you coming back for more. You’ll find kickboxing classes focusing on everything from cardio conditioning to self-defense, martial arts, and one-on-one competition. Beginners are always welcome to our classes as our instructors will be more than happy to get you started and walk you through everything you need to know in the kickboxing world.

– Words by Eliu

Class Details
Duration:60 mins
Class Type:Cardio
Class Size:20 persons
Class Instructor
Class Trainer