Chris “Fig” Figueroa

Trainer Bio

Chris “Fig” Figueroa has always had a passion for helping others, in both fitness and everyday life.

Coaching gives him the opportunity to help people achieve their fitness goals. He believes if you feel great about yourself, you will have overall confidence and it will translate to a better lifestyle.

Apart from CrossFit, Fig also gained discipline and responsibility while serving in the Army. His mission is to pass along these values to members of Caution CrossFit as well as share his knowledge of fitness to help people succeed in all areas of life. For him being a Coach is not just about training people to be fit, but to also be there to listen with an open ear and offer any advice he can to help others.

Fig’s 6 Rules for Life Success:

1. Trust yourself;

2. Break some rules;

3. Don’t be afraid to fail;

4. Ignore the naysayers;

5. Work like hell; and

6. Give something back.

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